One letter forever email address

What do you get when purchasing your “* email” NFT?

You’ll get to redeem/access a forever rare 7 letter email address of your choosing based on the numbered NFT you’ve purchased:

* email NFT number * email address attached to NFT number

Each redeemed NFT is tied directly to a one letter email address * There will only be 36 one letter email addresses with 0-9 & A-Z on

Your * email will forever* be available and have minimum 15GB of email space available.

* Limitations on service availability

1) If issuer (me) deceases abruptly, the service may fail to be maintained.

2) If my business ceases to exist abruptly due to unforeseen circumstances, the service may fail to be maintained.

3) It is my intention to have failsafes in place, to have the domain and your unique * email available as long as you live at no extra cost. Any technical changes will be announced ahead of time through emails from

4) Custodial ownership of the domain will be in my name; Vegard Wikeby as registered in WHOIS until further notice. The domain may be incorporated into another business at a later stage, but you will keep your one letter email service forever.

Each NFT holder can contact for any inquiries/help or look up for updated information anytime in the future.

Is my email data backed up?

The email hosting provider has standard backup setups set in place, such as monthly backups for all accounts, but there is no guarantee of your data to be forever available due to unforeseen events. There is no individual restoring process if you loose or delete your individual email account data. You can download/backup all your emails using POP3 or IMAP access, contact if you’d like assistance.

How can I secure my email login data to never be lost?

We allow you to safely register up to 2 of your existing emails as backup emails, that can be used to reset your password at any time from these verified emails.

These 2 emails linked to your * email account, are the only emails we will ever respond to from If you lose access to your 2 backup emails in the future, you won’t be able to request support at and we will only be able to help you with a full KYC process, that will cost the equivalent to $200 USD in 2021 (inflation adjust accordingly in the future).

How to redeem your NFT for your * email address

  1. Send us an email to using your wanted primary email you currently have, that you’d like to be the primary backup email for your * email address. 

Tell us which number NFT you’d like to redeem and send it to within the next 10 minutes.
  2. We’ll then create your * and send your securely random generated password to your primary backup email (securely store it and delete the email), that you’ll then use to login to your * email account. You can change your password to a new random secure password by contacting
  3. Within 72 hours you can send us your secondary backup email you’d like to register to your * email address. You do this by logging into your * email account and send your secondary backup email to us through it. We will register your 2nd backup email and confirm it with you. You are now all set and secure for the foreseeable future.


Each unique * email account can send out max 1000 emails per 24 hours, 200 per hour, 50 per minute, 1 per second and 100 recipients per email sent.

Each unique * email account provides 15GB storage.

Each incoming email can be maximum 70MB** with attachments.

Each outgoing email can be maximum 100MB** (40MB on webmail) with attachments (big emails may fail to send if receiver doesn’t support the email/attachment size of the email).

You can only send outgoing email through the POP3/IMAP protocol or the provided webmail interface. All other external systems trying to send emails using your login credentials won’t work. This is enforced with strict SPF validation for outgoing emails.

Spam filter is provided on all * email accounts by Domeneshop AS using a range of technical implementations and services such as and Invaluement for incoming/outgoing emails.

**These values are approximate and may differ in real life usage.


The * email hosting and the domain registrar is provided by the Norwegian company Domeneshop AS. Privacy laws in Norway are considered strong and protective. They follow GDPR and any GDPR requests by any authenticated user from their primary backup email will be followed such as delete my data requests within 180 days after the request has been made.

We do not store any personal details of you as the owner of * email account, other than your backup email(s) (which all future communication will go through exclusively) when you redeem your NFT.

We do not take any responsibility for any legal losses due to the data stored, sent or received in your email account, we follow the law and any legal requests according to Norwegian law will be enforced as per request.

We will never access your email account or data, unless specifically requested from your primary backup email.

You are responsible to keep your strong password safe and we encourage every user to change password frequently for your own safety. We take no responsibility if your email has been accessed illegally due to lack of personal security and/or security breaches on the email hosting provider Domeneshop AS.

Any known breaches, if any, will be reported ASAP to the original backup email(s) from

Price schedule

3 BSV per * between 13 – 30 September 2021.
2 BSV per remaining * between 1 – 31 October 2021.
1 BSV per remaining * between 1 – 31 December 2021.

NFT’s must be redeemed before 1st January 2022 by sending an email to using your wanted primary backup email.